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All Choke Tubes Are NOT the Same

Patterning your shotgun is an extremely important exercise when you compete in the clay target sports. When you shoot at the pattern board, it tells you very valuable information about your gun's point of impact, gun fit, and pattern.

I shot multiple rounds at the board while patterning my gun and we used the information to dial-in the adjustable comb and butt pad. While patterning, I trialed different Optima HP choke tubes. In the end, I learned that the Extreme Chokes that Dad bought for my Beretta 694 Vittoria resulted in MUCH better patterns than the chokes that came with the gun as well as some other aftermarket chokes. The shot was much more evenly dispersed and there weren't as many random BB's outside of the pattern. The difference was VERY noticeable. The lightweight, titanium, extended chokes also add at least 1-1/2" to the barrel.

I strongly recommend Extreme Chokes and you can order them at I use their chokes exclusively when shooting Sporting Clays, Bunker Trap, 5-Stand, and Skeet.

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