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Shooting With Friends

Updated: May 2, 2022

I enjoy shooting with all kinds of people... Men, Women, Kids, Seniors, Bad Shooters, Good Shooters, etc. It doesn't matter to me because I always make a new friend, have great conversation, and almost always learn something new. The one thing that they all have in common is that each have their own opinion. "You should be wearing this color of lenses", "I noticed that you stand this way, that's wrong...", "Have you ever thought about trying blah, blah, blah?". Part of the maturing process of a shooter is finding that balance between listening to advice and being secure with who you are and how you do things. We all have to do what works for us and what we are comfortable with.

In the end, I truly enjoy shooting with friends. We all know each other's timing, quirks, strengths, and challenges. We walk off the line and we're there to support one another, pick each other up and encourage one another, loan each other gear, tools, clothing, and ammo. Most importantly we have fun together. Why would we be doing this if we couldn't laugh? Thank goodness for friends that you enjoy shooting with.

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